Copper Canyon MapCopper Canyon Trail

A multi-use paved recreation trail with several points of access. 

Trailhead Location: Fieldstone Park (Tooele Blvd, Tooele)

  • Upper Copper Canyon Trail - Restroom, playground, basketball court, walking trail, soccer field, benches, ADA accessible
  • Lower Copper Canyon Trail - Soccer field, portable toilet

England Acres Trail Expansion Map Droubay Road Trail (Extension of England Acres Trail)
Coming Soon in 2024!

A multi-use paved recreation trail that starts where Smelter Road and Droubay Road intersect in Tooele City and goes along Droubay Road adjacent to the Oquirrh Hills Golf Course all the way to Middle Canyon Road. Benches as well as two ADA access points will be installed in the trail, which will increase use and generate greater interest in outdoor recreation. 

Trailhead Location: Corner of Smelter Road and Droubay Road, Tooele

Amenities: Benches, ADA accessible.  

England Acres Trail Map
England Acres Trail

A multi-use paved recreation trail that starts at 1000 North and 400 East in Tooele City and traverses England Acres Park along the dry creek-bed, then follows the creek-bed to the intersection of Droubay Road and Smelter Road. Bouldering structures and other amenities are installed adjacent to the trail to increase use and generate interest in outdoor recreation. The trail is mostly flat and is concrete, except for an adjacent soft surface trail for jogging. The southern portion of the trail outside of the park will be asphalt. 

Trailhead Location: 898 East Smelter Road, Tooele 

Amenities: Obstacle course elements and bouldering, benches, bridges, ADA accessible, and a soft jogging path.  

EA Trail Photo EA Trail Photo EA Trail Photo

Skyline Ridge Trail
More information coming soon!